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Got stuck in ArgoCD sync fail

Got stuck in ArgoCD sync fail

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Seiji Manoan Seo
·Oct 27, 2021·

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Are you an ArgoCD user? It may help you someday...

I tried to sync a new Redis version and just.

But I ended up with an error like this:

Sync operation to failed: ComparisonError: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = helm pull --destination /tmp/helm875598576 --version 15.5.2 --repo redis failed signal: killed

Yes. I've already had others. But, it doesn't go on at this time.


Look, we're aimed to follow the Kubernetes best practices and apply some rules. Say so 😅

The ArgoCD pods have not restarted in each and every sync error. It led me to believe it couldn't be any out of memory...

My bad! It's OOM issue.

Of course, I solved this OOM issue by increasing the RAM limit.

If you have it managed by Helm Chart, change this value to fit your needs:

      memory: 1Gi # look at here

Apply with some helm upgrade --install...

Done. The ArgoCD settings are improved and the wanted app is ready to be synced one more time right now.


All right. Thanks!

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